Instruments Reprocessing

Decontamination. Preparation to the disinfection and cleaning: immediately after use, submerge the instruments in disinfectant solution also effective for HIV, submerge the articulate instruments open. Cleaning: after the elimination of the microbes rinse the instruments with water from disinfectant/detergent solutions without using detergents or abrasive instrument and dry up. Disinfection and drying: submerge the instruments, previously dried, in disinfectant solution, rinse with demineralized water and dry perfectly.

Inspection maintenance and test. Check the cleaning of the instrument, make the lubrication of the articulated instruments with suitable lubeoil, check the structural and functional conformity making a working test of the instrument and discard the instructions in case of any doubt of not conformity.

Packaging. In case of steam sterilization, put in bags or in suitable rolls, double seal for safety reasons, check that the instruments for each bag are not too many to allow the free steam circulation.

Sterilization. Do not overload autoclave chamber, to not block the free circulation of steam. Follow manufacturers recommendations.

Storage. Check the possible presence of condense, in which case make reprocessing. Preserve the instrumentation in a close and clean room, with a temperature between 18° and 22° and humidity between 30% and 50%. The time of maintenance is also conditioned by the storing and movement procedures as well as by the quality of packaging. Follow manufactures instructions.