Guarantee and Customer Care

All Derby instruments can be obtained through your usual dealer or depot. If you do not have a distributor or dealer at hand please contact us phone or by fax and our customer care staff will be able to provide name/s of your nearest dealer/s. Customer care. Derby customer care staff will also be glad to provide assistance and information. Derby guarantee. Any Derby instrument that should prove defective during usage for material and/or workman ship will promptly be replaced free of charge. All Derby instruments are placed on the market exclusively under the Derby brand name. Each and every instrument is marked and packed in conformity with the european directive 93/42 and bears code and batch number.

Batch number allows full traceability in terms of documentation involved in the manufacturing of such batch. The Derby code number makes sure that you are effectively purchasing the instrument you have selected and facilitates reordering of the same instrument.

Each instrument must be sterilised prior to use. Each instrument is packed in a sealed envelop after passing our quality control. The envelop bears the wording Derby. All instruments bear the CE marking.