The story
of a winning brand

Derby was a pioneer in the production and diffusion of dentistry and dental instruments in Europe. Already in 1927 it was a major producer thanks to an innovative catalogue and its efficient manufacturing facilities that featured the famous French steel, and the sales network was quickly extended throughout the French-speaking world and the former African colonies. In just a short time, Derby became one of the most important brands in the dental industry and its instruments spread the world over, becoming a reference standard.

and Made in Italy

As the dental field was about to become one big global market, at the beginning of the year 2000 Derby becomes part of the Asa Dental Group. Production is moved from the French and North African facilities to Italy. The brand grows in quality and diffusion while maintaining its primary characteristics – among which the handle designed to prevent “carpel tunnel syndrome” – utilizing the entire technology pool that has made Asa Dental a leader in the field.
Over 1000 items designed, produced, tested, assembled and packaged in Italy pursuant to strict corporate standards and UNI ISO 9001 and 13485 norms.

and innovation

Simplicity and effectiveness, tradition and innovation are the winning characteristics of Derby.
 A catalogue rich in proven and innovative solutions for dentists and dental technicians around the globe.